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Passage Funeral Co-operative

Passage Funeral Co-operative 3754, Route 134
Shediac Bridge, New Brunswick, E4R 1T3
Phone: (506) 532-1050
Toll Free:
Total # of Visits: 7233
Category: Funeral Homes, Funeral Planning
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Passage Funeral Co-operative is a full service facility governed by an elected Board of Directors

by Heather Ferguson

Passage Funeral Co-operative is committed to assisting the clients through the emotional stresses and practical concerns that accompany the death of a loved one. Located on Route 134 in Shediac Bridge, Passage Funeral Co-operative has been serving Shediac and its surroundings since its inception in 2000. Today, it is a full service facility governed by an elected Board of Directors which represents approximately 850 member families whose voluntary membership gives them the ability to vote in seeking the best quality in goods and services at a minimal cost to its clients. This innovative concept in providing funeral services is open to members and non-members alike and serves all faiths.

The idea for a funeral co-operative first began in 1992 as the Greater Moncton Funeral Co-operative. After a poor reception, the co-operative decided to approach smaller communities such as Cocagne, Grand Digue and Notre Dame. In 2000, the Co-op adopted the official title of Coopérative Funéraire Passage Funeral Co-op Ltée/Ltd. with the transient butterfly as its official logo. As their pamphlet reads, “For some cultures, the butterfly represents transient beauty, the brevity of life and the difficulty of separating genuineness from fantasy. For other cultures, the butterfly is a symbol of transformation and resurgence, of new life arising out of the old, of both the exquisiteness and the possibilities of life. That’s the way life is, with its hopes and doubts, as we have wished about, losing course and striving to find it again; wanting ever so much to be changed and see new life beyond the horizon.” By 2001, Funeral Director Reginald Savoie was hired and efforts were made to secure land for a new building.

By 2002, Passage Funeral Co-operative gained membership in the Féderation des Coopérations Funeraires du Quebéc, and by March of 2003, the new building was completed. Since that time, Passage Funeral Co-operative has grown from 335 member families to the current 850. Offering service in both official languages, Passage Funeral Co-operative maintains a full roster of services which includes the transportation of the deceased, embalming, working with family members to design a ceremony  that is meaningful to the life of the deceased, burial or cremation, death notices, flower arrangements, and catering. In a state-of-the-art facility that includes three viewing salons, a family room, and a showroom for urns and caskets, Passage Funeral Co-operative keeps abreast of the latest innovations in the funeral industry. Specializing in pre-arrangements, Passage Funeral Co-operative prides itself in being able to offer solutions to the many questions that arise at one of the most difficult times loved ones must face.

For more information, contact Passage Funeral Co-operative at 532-1050. Here you will find that care and compassion can guide you through the loss of a loved one.

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